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Analyst ratings and reports are generated by independent third-party research firms to help investors better understand the potential risks and opportunities of investing in a particular ETF/ETP. Each research firm has a different approach to evaluating ETFs/ETPs. For example, one firmís ratings may be based on the underlying securities in the ETP, while anotherís may be primarily based on the structural integrity of the ETF/ETP. Click on the Research Firm to learn more about its methodology, investment style, approach and content available on for Exchange Traded Products

ETF Research Provided
FactSetAnalyst Driven, Quantitative Model DrivenFundamental Analysis, Structural AnalysisBottoms UpRatings, Reports and Data
Morningstar, Inc.Analyst Driven, Quantitative Model DrivenFundamental AnalysisBottoms UpRatings, Reports, Expert Strategies and Data
Ned Davis Research GroupQuantitative Model DrivenFundamental Analysis, Technical AnalysisTop Down, MacroRatings, Reports, Expert Strategies, Mean Reversion and Cyclical Trading Pattern Charts
RecogniaChart Pattern RecognitionTechnical Analysisn/aChart Pattern Recognition
Trading CentralAnalyst Driven, Quantitative Model DrivenTechnical Analysisn/aTrend Forecast
XTF Inc.Quantitative Model DrivenFundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Structural AnalysisStructural and Investment AnalysisRatings, Reports and Data