Find Criteria

Filtering stocks by specific criteria such as sector or analyst rating can be a great starting point for investors looking for stocks.


In the classic screener, searching or selecting criteria was done through a dropdown menu located at the top of the page.

classic screener criteria dropdown


The new screener makes it easier to find specific criteria within 10 categories that hold the 140 criteria you’re used to from before.

Easily filter by the most commonly used criteria over the past month by selecting the Most Popular category.

new screener criteria menu

Quickly filter through a list of all available criteria by typing directly into the Search Criteria box.

Search Criteria

Browse and select all criteria in a full-screen menu by selecting View All. Now we’ve made it easier to choose multiple criteria at once. If you’re not sure how to distinguish between the criteria, select Criteria Definitions in the upper right.

View all menu

Apply Criteria

Once you’ve selected the search criteria, you’ll want to specify a data range to filter down the universe of stocks.


In the classic screener, entering a range was a multi-step process in order to see results for your search criteria.


The new screener buckets criteria values into 20% increments, similiar to the classic screener’s highest / lowest 20% in the market. For example, when selecting the Very High bucket you are applying a filter that will show the top 20% of the market for that criteria. As well, the number of results in each bucket is clearly displayed prior to making a selection.

We’ve also made a sixth group that appears when negative and null values are part of your criteria, making it easy to include or exlude them from your results.

Dividend Yield Criteria

Enter your own range by typing directly into the search boxes at the top.

Range Input

Select Show Chart to see a visual distribution of the results and clearly see where the market median and outliers land. Adjust your results by moving the sliders directly in the chart.

Show Chart

View Results

Once the criteria have been selected, you’ll automatically see a list of matching stocks based on your search. From there, choose how you want to view the results using the power features below.


In the classic screener, we were unable to share a list of results with you until the list of matches was narrowed down to fewer than 500 stocks.


In the new screener, once criteria is selected, look for a column for that data automatically in yourresults table. No more waiting until you’ve narrowed it down to 500 or fewer to start seeing results.


Easily view additional data by selecting one of the large tabs located at the top of the results table

Results Tabs

Look for the black triangle beside one of the column names that indicates how the results are being sorted. To change the sort order, select the label that interests you.

sort by column

Select Hide at the top of the criteria panel so you can focus on your results. On smaller tablets the criteria panel overlaps the results table, so we recommend hiding it once you’re done selecting criteria to not miss any results.

hide criteria menu

There’s no limit to the number of criteria you can add so we added a scrollbar in case your device isn’t big enough to display all the data in one view. The symbol column will remain anchored so you don’t lose context.

scroll results table

Add a Stock

As you go through your results you might notice a stock is missing that you expected to be in your results set. We’ve simplified adding a custom stock and showing you how it compares to the matches.


In the classic screener, you would select “Don’t see a security you expected?” and get a separate window that shows why that stock didn’t show up in your results.

dont see a security you expected?


In the new screener, you can select Add Stocks and have it appear directly at the top of the results table. Look for icons next to the values to see where the added stock does not fit within your selected criteria range. The added stock will remain at the top of the table even when changing the sort order.

Add Stock to Results

Explore Predefined Screens

Not sure where to start? See how independent research experts build screens to find stocks to meet specific goals.


In the classic screener, predefined screens were split into two menus: Quick Screens, and Expert Screens.


Now, Quick Screens and Expert Screens have been combined into Predefined Screens. We’ve also made them easier to explore by organizing them by category, including Most Popular, Growth, Value, and Income.

Predefined Screens

At any point, access Predefined Screens by selecting the link in the upper right of the page.

Then choose a cateogory, select a screen by name, or select the plus button to expand and get a quick description. See the exact criteria the screen uses by selecting Learn More.

Predefined Screens Menu

Save Screens

Whether you’ve run a Predefined Screen from experts, or created your own screen, you can save it by selecting Save Screen. Doing so enables you to quickly use the same criteria again to see the latest results.

Save Screen


In the classic screener, you would save a screen by selecting Save Screen in the upper right.


To save a screen, select the same button as before. We are making your collection of saved screens from the old screener available in the new screener.

Note: If any of the following criteria or filters were used in a previously saved screen, we recommend updating them for best results:

Criteria— Technical Events, Sector or Industry, Market Capitalization, and Ex-Dividend Date.

Filters— in Market or Industry and Is Not or Is Not One Of.

Download Results

Save a copy of the results and data by downloading them to an Excel spreadsheet.

Download Results


In the old screener we only supported two views that you could choose to download.


In the new screener, you now have the capability to download any view you’re currently looking at with the first 200 results included in the spreadsheet.

Search by Technical Patterns

We’ve made it easier for technical traders to look for stocks based on Recognia’s technical events.


In the classic screener, it took approximately 8 clicks using a series of dropdown menus to find stocks matching a technical chart pattern.


Now, you can select all Bullish or all Bearish events for the category or expand these categories to select one or more specific patterns.

Technical Events Categories

In the results table, you’ll see technical events icons for each stock, with a number telling you how many of the specific event occurred in the selected time frame for that stock. Select the icon to see when each specific technical event occurred.

event date information

You can also narrow down to only technical events that have occurred in a specific time frame.

Search by time frame

Access Across All Devices

We’ve heard from our customers that they work across multiple devices throughout the day. So we built the new Stock Screener experience to work seamlessly across any device.


On the old screener, if you were using a larger laptop or monitor, the screener results were still only displayed at a single narrow width. If you were using a smaller device like a tablet or phone, the touch targets were too small to be usable, and the tool was displayed at a tiny unreadable scale.


We’ve built the new screener so that it seamlessly resizes to work on any device, and made sure the elements were large enough to easily target by tapping. When accessing the screener from a phone, you can see your saved and predefined screens in a single step, instead of having to start from scratch.

mobile view

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