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About the Firm

Zacks Investment Research is a Chicago-based research and money management firm founded in 1978 to provide institutional investors with quantitative models designed to predict stock prices for US companies. The product line has expanded over the years to provide a wide range of investment-related information services and software tools to individual investors.


Zacks has long believed that quantitative models (such as the propriety Zacks Rank) can predict stock prices more accurately than individual analysts. Nonetheless, they also recognize that models are most effective when they are employed by analysts who have deep fundamental knowledge of the company and its industry. Consequently, Zacks Equity Research combines Zacks quantitative models with the insight provided by experienced equity analysts to create long-term stock recommendations and industry outlooks.

A staff of 50 junior and senior analysts provide continuous coverage for a universe of 1,067 US and Canadian traded stocks and NYSE traded ADRs. The universe includes approximately 52% of the S&P 500, and is evenly weighted across the three market caps, comprised of roughly 34% Large Cap, 32% Mid Cap, and 34% Small Cap. Analysts are organized by industry, which gives them keen insight to developments that affect company profits and security performance.

The Zacks Investment Committee meets monthly to predict returns for the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000, and to identify the most and least attractive sectors. The Market Strategy Report is published once a month. The report provides an overview of these forecasts as well as industry outlooks from our analysts.

What's Provided on

Economic Outlook

Macro-economic outlook produced quarterly from Zacks Investment Committee and Chris Varvares, CEO of Macro Economic Advisors.

Market Strategy

Zacks Market Strategist, Dirk van Dijk, writes this quarterly report attempting to highlight the most significant medium- and long-term issues facing the investor and to provide guidance on current investment strategy. The Market Strategy Report is published quarterly to provide an overview of these forecasts as well as the industry outlooks of their analysts.