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Research Firm: Recognia

  • Methodology Chart Pattern Recognition
  • Approach Technical Analysis
  • Equity Style n/a
  • Report Types Chart Pattern Recognition

About the Firm

Recognia is the industry leader providing actionable investment research products for on-line brokers. Our compelling product suite uses automated interpretation of technical, fundamental and value based analytics to increase account-holder engagement and boost trader confidence.

Recognia helps to automate the investment decision making process by offering dynamic and action-oriented trading ideas for all trader types, in order to execute timely trade transactions with confidence.

Recognia provides coverage of more than 50 exchanges worldwide, including stocks, equities, forex, indices, currencies and futures.

Founded in 2000, in Canada's National Capital region of Ottawa, Recognia today has more than 20 million provisioned accounts worldwide and our products service the largest and most successful on-line brokerage firms and institutions today.


Recognia automatically analyzes price action to identify and interpret classic chart patterns and other key conditions based on accepted practices of technical analysis. These key conditions - delivered as Technical Event notifications - provide insight into the bullish strengths and bearish weaknesses of financial instruments.

Technical analysis uses stock price movements and trading activity as the basis for drawing a conclusion about where the price may be headed. It is based on the premise that prices move in trends that tend to continue until something changes to affect the balance of supply and demand for the stock. These changes can be detected by analyzing prior changes, looking for recurring patterns that indicate a price trend, or indicate areas of support and resistance that may influence the price direction.

Technical analysis is information-intensive and historically, experts could only visually analyze a limited number of financial instruments each day. With over fifty analysis techniques, Recognia's technology makes it possible to cover thousands of financial instruments to uncover opportunities and identify risk.


Recognia provides research to Fidelity on all instruments traded on the major US exchanges, consolidated NASDAQ (including the Bulletin Board), NYSE and AMEX.

What's Provided on

  • Recognia Technical Event® opportunities are available through the ETF/ETP Screener, allowing you to find trade opportunities based on anticipated upwards or downwards price movements.
  • Recognia Technical Event® analysis is provided on a per-security basis showing the supply and demand forces acting on the stock over three different trading horizons.

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