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Research Firm: XTF

  • Methodology Quantitative Model Driven
  • Approach Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Structural Analysis
  • Equity Style Structural and Investment Analysis
  • Report Types Ratings, Reports and Data

XTF Inc. was founded in 2001 to provide comprehensive ETF Ratings, research and investment decision support tools empowering investors, traders and financial advisors with the ability to make informed decisions about Exchange Traded Products. Exchange Traded Funds are XTFs only business.


Leveraging off ETFs inherent strengths, XTF Ratings provides a transparent methodology which provides the most comprehensive investment decision support tools in the industry. ETFs have numerous investment applications and we believe that investors should select from among the best ETFs that have a composition in-line with their own outlook for stock performance and risk tolerance. Our Ratings cover both structural integrity and performance.

XTF does not make buy or sell recommendations; we evaluate all ETFs and provide a score on a scale of 0 to 10. XTF uses an empirical approach to evaluate an ETFs structure as well as provide relevant investment metrics. This approach allows investors to quickly and accurately evaluate ETFs for either investment or trading vehicles.

The exchange traded fund market has grown significantly over the past decade and will continue to rise dramatically in the foreseeable future. In this rapidly-evolving environment, ETF ratings can help investors make better informed investment-related decisions. They can help choose between similar ETFs, provide insight into various factors relating to how ETFs trade, and give a history of their performance. Investors should take care to ensure they choose a rating service that provides transparency into their ratings methodology and has no conflicts of interest. Not all ratings methodologies are alike with most being simple buy/hold/sell recommendations. Choosing a more transparent and quantitative methodology will give investors more insight into those aspects of ETPs that can make the difference between a good and bad choice.

The goal of the XTF ratings methodology is to present an objective and easy-to-understand framework for investors to evaluate Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). We have evaluated every ETF listed on US exchanges and rate all ETFs with a minimum of six-month trading history. The XTF Rating Service uses its own proprietary database to rate ETFs. The proprietary database contains the composition history of each ETF, along with intraday trading and quote data for all US-traded ETFs and their components, and other related information.

Researching and rating ETFs is all we do and reflects our belief in the benefits of index based investing across markets, sectors and asset classes. We are driven by a desire to provide relevant, independent, timely and actionable research about ETFs using our proprietary methodology. We rate ETFs independently of asset class, geography and currency, following a disciplined, rules and fact based research and ratings process which we are seeking to establish as a global industry standard.

Our ETF rating service is comprised of a Structural Integrity rating and an Investment Metric rating, which together make up the overall XTF Rating.

Please view Ratings Service Methodology (PDF) to learn more.


Our staff of analysts provides coverage on 100% of the US-listed Exchange Traded Products Marketplace. This includes a universe of over 1,400 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and 200 Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs). The data on every ETP including our Fact Sheets are updated daily and the ETF Ratings are updated monthly.

What's Provided on

In addition to our Ratings, XTF provides PDF Fact Sheets on every US-listed ETP updated daily. The fact sheets include all of the following information specific to every ETF:

  • ETF Ratings and methodology
  • Fund Objective
  • Performance Chart
  • Index Composition
  • Investment Methodology
  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis including:
    • NAV
    • Bid-Ask Spreads
    • Premium/Discounts
    • Average Daily Volume
    • Net Flows
    • Yield and Dividends Paid
  • Similar ETFs
  • Structural Integrity Ratings and metrics
  • Investment Ratings and metrics
  • Correlation Analysis top ten most and least correlated ETFs
  • Top Ten Holdings
  • Portfolio Exposure
  • Glossary

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