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Research Firm: Ned Davis Research Group

  • Methodology Quantitative Model Driven  
  • Approach Fundamental Analysis  
  • Equity Style Growth  
  • Report Types Economic, Market, Sector, Stock
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Stock Research Reports

Ned Davis Research Group (NDRG) stock reports are quantitatively generated and provide objective assessments. To learn more about NDRG's methodology and coverage, click on the About the Firm tab.

Daily Economic Commentary

Concise economic commentary that provides beyond-the-headlines analysis of economic and fixed income news and focuses on the implications for equity and bond markets, as well as sectors.

Sector Highlights

Weekly review of the ten S&P Capital IQ GICS sectors providing highlights and weighting recommendations.

Ned Davis Research Group (NDRG) is one of the largest independent providers of investment research, and is widely recognized for its concise commentary and unbiased views that offer investors insight into the forces driving the markets. NDRG is also well known for research that incorporates historical perspectives and fuses various analytical techniques.

NDRG produces a diverse range of technical and macroeconomic analysis to provide a well-rounded perspective on the markets.

NDRG's stock research combines fundamental and technical factors to provide a quantitatively-based stock ranking system.


    Each week, NDRG sorts their U.S. multi-cap universe (refer to "Stock Coverage" section below) by fundamental and technical metrics. After combining the fundamental and technical components, NDRG ranks all the covered stocks from 0 (worst) to 100 (best). Stocks with a rank greater than 90 receive a Buy rating while stocks with a rank of less than 10 receive a Sell rating. All other stocks get a Neutral rating.


    The underlying factors consist of half Fundamentals and half Technicals. The Fundamental Component is made up of half Valuation and half Profitability factors. The Technical Component is a momentum-based quantitative ranking system, used by NDRG since 1998, which captures primary leadership trends by focusing on a stock's sector and sub-industry. Since momentum-based systems tend to suffer large losses around market turning points, NDRG's model inverts the momentum component when the market calls for it.


    Company research covers:

    • Approximately 1,400 stocks
    • Companies with one or more stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stock exchanges
    • Companies incorporated in the United States or its territories (ADRs and GDRs are ineligible).
    • Companies with top 99% of market capitalization and top 95% of liquidity based on NDR's dollar volume factor.

See NDRG's Equity Rating and Report Guide (pdf), and Report Definitions (pdf) for details on stock research and report content.

What's Provided on

Company Stock, ETF (learn more about ETF research methodology) and sector-specific research, historical charts, market commentary, and macro-economic analysis. See Research Reports for descriptions and links to current economic, market, and sector reports.

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