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Research Firm: ValuEngine

  • Methodology Quantitative Model Driven, Consensus Recommendation and Earnings Estimates, Recommendations Accuracy Analysis, Research Firm Performance Analysis  
  • Approach Fundamental Analysis  
  • Equity Style Value, Growth  
  • Report Types Ratings and Reports
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About the Firm

ValuEngine (VE) is a stock valuation and forecasting service founded by Ivy League finance academics and Wall Street professionals in 1996. ValuEngine utilizes the most advanced quantitative techniques and analysis available. Our research team continues to develop, test, and improve the ValuEngine stock valuation and econometric models for forecasting stock price movement. Every ValuEngine model has been extensively back-tested and real-time tracked in the United States equities markets. The investment performance of each model has been proven to exceed that of many well-known stock-picking styles.


ValuEngine models take into account company specific fundamental data, industry/sector factors, and macroeconomic factors as well as various technical data points such as momentum, liquidity, size, volatility and relative strength to index. The system is highly complex, but it provides an accurate, efficient, systematic, and-above all objective means of assessing huge quantities of information for any given index, sector, industry, or individual stock.


More than 5,000 stocks, REITS, ADRs, and foreign stocks actively traded on US exchanges.

What's Provided on

  • Individual Stock Research Reports - systematic rating of a stock with a short explanation of each factor that makes up the overall recommendation along with summary fundamental data.
  • Stock Ratings: Our Engine ratings are based on inputs from our models and allow for a simple comparison of stock quality. The highest rating is a "5-Engine" which is a considered a "strong buy" rating while the opposite is a "1-Engine" or "strong sell." A stock is rated Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Sell, Strong Sell based on the Forecast One Year Return (1YFR). The breakdown for each rating is as follows:
    • Strong Buy: More than +12% Forecast One Year Return
    • Buy: Between +5% and +12% Forecast One Year Return
    • Hold: Between -5% and +5% Forecast One Year Return
    • Sell: Between -12% and -5% Forecast One Year Return
    • Strong Sell: Less than -12% Forecast One Year Return

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