Basket Holdings: 99AS OF 07/02/2020

SymbolCompanyMarket CapWeight
Facebook Inc$665.0B16.88%
Alphabet Inc$492.4B11.35%
Alphabet Inc$509.3B11.07%
Verizon Communications Inc$226.7B5.49%
Netflix Inc$209.7B4.47%
AT&T Inc$214.3B4.39%
Comcast Corp$179.1B4.34%
Walt Disney Co$202.6B4.14%
T-Mobile US Inc$147.7B3.16%
Charter Communications Inc$106.9B3.09%
Activision Blizzard Inc$59.7B2.37%
Electronic Arts Inc$38.6B1.67%
Match Group Inc$25.6B1.41%
Twitter Inc$24.2B1.08%
Snap Inc$33.8B1.05%
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc$16.5B0.85%
ViacomCBS Inc$13.1B0.77%
Liberty Broadband Corp$19.2B0.73%
Zillow Group Inc$9.4B0.71%
Roku Inc$15.5B0.71%
Omnicom Group Inc$11.7B0.69%
Pinterest Inc$14.1B0.66%
Zynga Inc$9.1B0.66%
Centurylink Inc$10.7B0.65%
DISH Network Corp$17.3B0.62%

†Part or all of this cash position may represent cash-in-lieu of marketable securities and not actual cash.Click here for more information.

Top basket holdings are as of the date indicated and may not be representative of the fund's current or future investments.