Basket Holdings: 196AS OF 03/31/2020

SymbolCompanySecurity TypeWeight
005930Samsung Electronics Co LtdOrdinary shares3.86%
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co LtdOrdinary shares3.07%
DIVIDivi's Laboratories LtdOrdinary shares1.96%
Sino Biopharmaceutical LtdOrdinary shares1.82%
China Construction Bank CorpOrdinary shares1.66%
Guangdong Investment LtdOrdinary shares1.41%
PETGASPetronas Gas BhdOrdinary shares1.41%
KLBFKalbe Farma Tbk PTOrdinary shares1.39%
HUVRHindustan Unilever LtdOrdinary shares1.36%
China Resources Gas Group LtdOrdinary shares1.31%
CTEEP Companhia de Transmissao de Energia Eletrica PaulistaPreferred1.29%
Ping An Insurance Group Co of China LtdOrdinary shares1.28%
MERManila Electric CoOrdinary shares1.25%
IRAOInter RAO EES PAOOrdinary shares1.22%
Hapvida Participacoes e Investimentos SAOrdinary shares1.21%
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China LtdOrdinary shares1.20%
China Resources Pharmaceutical Group LtdOrdinary shares1.19%
Jiangsu Expressway Co LtdOrdinary shares1.16%
TAL Education GroupDepository Receipts1.16%
Voltronic Power Technology CorpOrdinary shares1.09%
012750S1 CorpOrdinary shares1.09%
HDFCBANKHDFC Bank LtdOrdinary shares1.07%
Shenzhen Expressway Co LtdOrdinary shares1.06%
Yum China Holdings IncOrdinary shares1.04%

†Part or all of this cash position may represent cash-in-lieu of marketable securities and not actual cash.Click here for more information.

Top basket holdings are as of the date indicated and may not be representative of the fund's current or future investments.