Basket Holdings: 252AS OF 07/02/2020

SymbolCompanyGeographyWeight IncUnited States34.19%
Home Depot IncUnited States7.58%
Tesla IncUnited States4.95%
Mcdonald's CorpUnited States3.82%
Nike IncUnited States3.42%
Lowe`s Companies IncUnited States2.91%
Starbucks CorpUnited States2.42%
Booking Holdings IncUnited States1.88%
TJX Companies IncUnited States1.74%
Target CorpUnited States1.69%
Dollar General CorpUnited States1.34%
Mercadolibre IncArgentina1.22%
eBay IncUnited States1.21%
Lululemon Athletica IncUnited States1.05%
General Motors CoUnited States0.91%
Ross Stores IncUnited States0.89%
O'Reilly Automotive IncUnited States0.88%
Chipotle Mexican Grill IncUnited States0.75%
Autozone IncUnited States0.73%
Yum! Brands IncUnited States0.73%
Marriott International IncUnited States0.68%
Ford Motor CoUnited States0.66%
Dollar Tree IncUnited States0.62%
VF CorpUnited States0.58%

†Part or all of this cash position may represent cash-in-lieu of marketable securities and not actual cash.Click here for more information.

Top basket holdings are as of the date indicated and may not be representative of the fund's current or future investments.