Basket Holdings: 129AS OF 10/18/2019

Microsoft CorpUnited States4.28%
Apple IncUnited States4.16%
Alphabet IncUnited States2.83%
Johnson & JohnsonUnited States2.02%
Facebook IncUnited States1.78%
Home Depot IncUnited States1.64%
Visa IncUnited States1.60%
Pfizer IncUnited States1.47%
Procter & Gamble CoUnited States1.46%
Mastercard IncUnited States1.37%
Abbvie IncUnited States1.33%
Amgen IncUnited States1.30%
AT&T IncUnited States1.29%
Exxon Mobil CorpUnited States1.25%
Bristol-Myers Squibb CoUnited States1.24%
Mcdonald's CorpUnited States1.21%
Verizon Communications IncUnited States1.20%
Coca-Cola CoUnited States1.19%
Boeing CoUnited States1.18%
Nike IncUnited States1.17%
Cisco Systems IncUnited States1.15%
Celgene CorpUnited States1.14%
Eli Lilly and CoUnited States1.11%
Zoetis IncUnited States1.09%
CME Group IncUnited States1.09%

†Part or all of this cash position may represent cash-in-lieu of marketable securities and not actual cash.Click here for more information.

Top basket holdings are as of the date indicated and may not be representative of the fund's current or future investments.