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Research Firm: The Hightower Report

  • Methodology Analyst Driven  
  • Approach Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis  
  • Equity Style n/a  
  • Report Types Market
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Daily Reports

Premarket commentary describing key market developments focusing on supply and demand implications:

A short recap of key daily market actions:

Weekly Reports

Prior week recap and future week look-ahead focusing on market fundamentals:

Weekly CFTC data on positions of commercials (hedgers), non-commercials (large speculators), and non-reportables (small speculators) in the futures market, including market extremes:

Weekly reports and trends of product conditions, inventories, inspections, and export sales:

Monthly & Quarterly Agriculture Reports

Monthly reports on key crop inventories and use, soybean processing, live cattle and hog reports, and farm and non-farm product grain reports:

The Hightower Report is an industry-leading independent market research firm started in 1990 by David Hightower and Terry Roggensack. The two founders lead a research team with over 100 years' collective experience, using fundamental and technical analysis to deliver comprehensive daily reports on multiple markets such as Equity, Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange, Energy, Metals, and Agriculture.

Their research is used by the full range of market participants — individual speculators, brokers, institutional traders, fund managers, commercial producers, end users, major exchanges, the U.S. government, and foreign governments. In addition, The Hightower Report is regularly called upon to develop hedge strategies for commercial processors and end-users worldwide.


The Hightower Report employs fundamental and technical market analysis.


David Hightower has over 24 years experience in the commodity and financial futures industry and analyzes the Equity, Energy, Metal, Foreign Exchange, and Interest Rate markets daily. He has worked with regulatory agencies, exchanges, and other industry players on a wide variety of research and trading projects. He also educates commercial traders in basic and advanced hedging techniques.

Terry Roggensack analyzes the Agriculture markets and has 27 years experience in the commodity and financial futures industry. Roggensack is a frequent presenter at CBOT press conferences when major fundamental marketplace shifts are occurring. Roggensack has also been a consultant to governments around the world.

What's Provided on

Over 40 daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and special reports on the Equity, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange, Energy, Metals, and Agriculture markets can be found on the individual market pages. Their most current reports appear under Hightower > Research Reports. Additionally, you can search for reports from this firm.

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