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Research Firm: Integrity Research Associates, LLC

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About the Firm

Integrity Research Associates, LLC is an information and solutions provider specializing in the investment research industry. The firm, which was founded in 2003, works primarily with institutional investors to advise them on investment research. Fidelity has been utilizing Integrity Research services for several years to perform research provider due diligence and monitoring.



Integrity Research analyzes research firms, not securities. In evaluating research firms, it reviews the firm's track record and other relevant metrics, resourcing, potential conflicts, and feedback from clients and competitors. The first step in analyzing research firms is to examine the way the research is performed. For example, is it analyst-driven or model-driven? Is it fundamental research, or is it a more specialized type of research? Different types of research may involve different analytic tools. One of the tools Integrity Research uses for Fidelity is analysis of the performance of buy and sell recommendations for fundamental research providers offered through, which is available on the Research Firm Scorecard.


Integrity Research covers over 2,700 research firms in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

What's Provided on

  • Research Firm Scorecard is updated quarterly with in-depth analysis of the performance of the research provider stock recommendations on
  • Research Education offers background on research providers and how to evaluate them

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